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Create a Love Sprinkle Jar

Making sprinkle jars is a fun and creative way to tell someone that you are thinking about them! When you give a jar to someone, you are sprinkling them with love and kindness, which in turn can make the person who was "SPRINKLED" feel happier. You are spreading love, smiles, and happiness when you sprinkle someone!

 Don't worry if you don't have a jar or actual sprinkles. You can just write a note and draw a picture of sprinkles. It's not the jar that matters. What's important is that whatever you make, it's created with love and coming from your heart.  

Just remember, always ask a parent or guardian to help you make and deliver your sprinkles.


Let's Get Started

The directions are written on the last page of your Happy Love Sprinkle Book.


Send us pictures of your creations at happylovesprinkles@gmail.com