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Our Story


Happy Love Sprinkles had its start, although we didn't know it at the time, when Maria came into my classroom during one of our shared teacher prep periods at school, only to find me having a bad day. Without hesitation she ran over to me, twinkled her fingers over my head, and said, "You need Happy Love Sprinkles!" Of course I smiled, and from then on getting "sprinkled" just became a thing with us.

Then one day, years after that very first sprinkle, we were waiting in line at our local Kohls store and spotted a display of books and stuffed animals by the counter. "We need to make Happy Love Sprinkles a book," I said, and rattled off the opening Moon Fairy scene. Maria quickly jumped in and by the time we had left the store, the characters and story line were born. It was effortless.

What wasn't effortless were the next few months of writing, revising, sketching, and creating the story boards. We obsessed over colors, fonts, scene placements, what Sprout should look like, you name it . . . we spent hours fiddling with it to get it perfect. Once we were happy, we created a book dummy and began the arduous search for an illustrator who could breathe life into our vision. 

Then we found her . . .  Aleksandra Szmidt. We were drawn to her use of color and dreamy, watercolor style. Enticed by magical themes and woodland creatures, she was the absolute, perfect fit!  

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